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The People's Herbarium

The Project

In Lawrence House Museum, Launceston, there is a unique group of giant Herbarium (books containing a collection of preserved plant specimens) Local business man and Botanist William Wise cycled around Devon and Cornwall in the 1800’s collecting plants to press for his Herbarium. Artist explorer, Karen Howse is offering a series of plant collecting walks around Launceston, engaging people with plant pressing and printmaking processes which will culminate in the collation of the People’s Herbarium (a contemporary version of Wise’s Herbarium) with the help of local Bookbinders. This is a community project that hopes to connect people with a love of plants and the places they live.


Walks starting at the Museum from 2 - 3.30pm Other venues - 1.30 - 3pm (this gives you time to view the Herbarium before closing time at 4pm) Walk the paths and lanes of Launceston to collect, identify and press plants for the Peoples Herbarium, a project connecting people, place, plants and printmaking. Your plant could end up in the modern day People’s Herbarium which will be displayed at Lawrence House Museum. Come to one of the Print Days to print from the plants collected. Please dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. Launceston can be a bit up and down!


10 - 3pm Drop in mini print day, using plants collected on the Herbarium walks, or bring your own from your journey here! See the giant Herbarium housed at Lawrence House Museum and learn about how local Botanist and Pharmacist William Wise collected the plants for his Herbarium. Try your hand at printing a plant on a mini press.  Add to the Peoples Herbarium - a modern day version of the 18th Century Plant Books.


Other processes on offer in the workshops are the magical old cyanotype process using light sensitive paper and the sun (when it appears!) Also plant drawing workshops in the garden room later in the year. 

The People’s Herbarium is a Bright Sparks project, engaging people with plants, place and printmaking, funded by FEAST and Cornwall Museums Partnership

ANNOUNCEMENT - All Walks and Print dates are to be postponed until further notice. Lawrence House Museum will not be opening in April and Launceston Library have suspended all group activities. I look forward to walking or printing with you all later in the year.

WALK DATES (to be rescheduled)

MUSEUM - Monday 6th April - 2 - 3.30pm 

 ST THOMAS BRIDGE - Monday 25th May - 1.30 - 3pm 

 MAYNE CLOSE CAR PARK - Thursday 2nd July - 1.30 - 3pm 

 MUSEUM - Causley Festival walk - Sunday 26th July - 2 - 3.30PM 

PRINT DATES (to be rescheduled)

LIBRARY - Wednesday 11th March - Home Schoolers 10am - 12 noon 

LIBRARY - Tuesday 17th March - Launceston Day Centre 1.15 - 2.30pm 

MUSEUM - Tuesday 7th April - 10 - 3pm 

 MUSEUM - Tuesday 26th May - 10 - 3pm 

LIBRARY - Saturday 13th June - 10 - 1pm

 MUSEUM - Monday 22nd June - 10 - 3pm 

 MUSEUM - Friday 3rd July - 10 - 3pm

Lawrence House Museum

9 Castle St, Launceston PL15 8BA

01566 773277


Launceston Library

1 Bounsall's Ln, Launceston PL15 9AB

0300 123 4111


Contact Karen here if you have any questions