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Drawing from the land

An invitation to explore the benefits of drawing and walking for health and happiness

People report that time spent in green natural places improves mood, reduces stress and increases wellbeing. Drawing in these environments opens us to these benefits and allows us to enjoy the present moment. Contact us if you are interested in drawing and walking as a way of improving wellbeing, especially if you are facing life difficulties that have an impact on health or happiness.

This is a therapeutic walking and drawing workshop with artist Karen Howse and registered counsellor Jain Ritchie. It will take place at ..... from 2pm - 3.30pm. 

We will be walking outside so dress warmly, for the weather, bring a mat to sit on and food and drink in a bag that leaves your hands free. Please bring any art materials you like and a small sketchbook A4 or smaller.
No previous art or drawing experience is necessary
Places are limited, so if you are interested in joining us, have any questions or just want a chat about the workshop, please contact Karen here

Have questions? Contact us here