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Drawing/exploring walkshop

This walkshop opens us to connecting with the natural world through drawing exploring.

In looking at plants and organic forms we are ourselves drawn into a deeper connection with the world around us and our nature. The process is an opening to awareness; whether a slowing down and attention to detail or being open to the accidental or noticing your own inner world.


Day walkshop 10am-3pm with artist Karen Howse. 
We will be working mainly outside. If it is a sunny day, we may explore shadows and use light sensitive papers, or trace the path of a moving shadow. We will be walking and drawing, responding to the place and the situation.
Guided art exercises will enhance our experience of place, and help develop an open approach to looking and creating art. Beginners are very welcome.
Being outside is unpredictable! so please dress for the weather and bring something to sit on, (mat, blanket or folding chair)as well as lunch, snacks and drinks. 
All materials are available, but if you want to bring your own small sketchbook and pencil case that is fine.
If you would like me to offer this workshop in a particular location near you, contact me here